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Book review: When Bruce met Cyn by Lori Foster

When Bruce Met Cyn… - Lori Foster

Beautiful and fiery Cynthia Potter, otherwise known as Cyn, is only seventeen when she runs away from home, and her mother’s abusive boyfriend Palmer Oaks. Living in squalor and selling her body to make ends meet, she begins to view all men as the same, and as a result becomes extremely distrusting and disillusioned.
After five years of living in this fashion, and with enough money finally saved, Cyn decides to travel to the small town of Visitation in North Carolina, hoping to start life anew and leave behind the horrible memories of her past.
While there, she meets Bruce Kelly, a preacher who has spent most of his life helping women in need, although he has met none as independent or sexy as Cyn.
Determined to help her assimilate into the close-knit community, Bruce has to resist his growing attraction to her, hoping to show Cyn that he can give her the respect that she deserves.
But their growing relationship comes under threat when Cyn’s past comes back to haunt her, and she finds her life, and the lives of her newfound friends, in mortal danger.

What I gained from reading this book:
Cyn is a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, as well as the local reverend, and regrettably this theme still resonates in today’s society, where adults who hold a position of trust sometimes abuse children and manage to get away with it. Unfortunately for Cyn, no measures are taken to protect her until she decides that enough is enough and she stands up for herself.
While it is unlikely that many abused children will have the ability to stand up for themselves against cruel adults, this only serves to show that we, as a society, have to be aware of domestic abuse and be vigilant about uncovering such mistreatment.
Bruce sees the trauma that Cyn has faced as a result of this abuse and strives to show her that he, unlike Palmer Oaks and Reverend Thorne, is in the majority of good and moral men. He helps to boost her confidence and self-esteem, effectively driving away any lingering fears of neglect or distrust.

The character of Cyn is sassy, strong and fiercely independent, despite the problems that she has faced during her young life, and this creates an instant rapport between her and readers. There is also plenty of sexual awareness between Cyn and Bruce from the beginning, which makes their developing relationship even more exciting.

People looking for an instant romance may be disappointed as it takes quite a while for Bruce to show Cyn exactly how strong his lust for her is. Out of fear of showing her disrespect or taking advantage of her, he holds off on their first kiss for as long as he possibly can, although I believe this only serves to heighten the sexual tension.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Genre: Romance

Recommended for: Any fans of Lori Foster

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When Bruce Met Cyn...

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