Monday, May 18, 2009

Book review: Simon Says by Lori Foster

Simon Says - Lori Foster

Simon ‘Sublime’ Evans is an ex-SBC (Supreme Battle Championship) fighter whose chiselled good looks have made him the poster-boy for all sorts of endorsement deals, and the object of many women’s affections.
When Simon discovers that his girlfriend of five years has cheated on him, he decides to rejoin the fight circuit to fulfil his sudden need for physical competition, and begins to focus on the gruelling training schedule ahead.
However, his training is interrupted by the arrival of stunning and gutsy Dakota Dream, who has been hired by her former stepfather (and Simon’s biological father) to find him. Simon has no plans on making the situation easy for her, and flatly refuses to help her, but after somebody attempts to kill Dakota, Simon finds himself doing everything he can to protect the strange woman who has captured his heart.

What I gained from reading this book:
Fame and fortune has its downfalls, as the author rightly shows in this novel. Simon’s life is always in the spotlight- whether he is being filmed in television interviews, promoting energy or sports drinks, or attending VIP parties. In every instance, there is somebody on the side trying to get a taste of the fame that engulfs him, and I think it is important to note that, despite all the hubbub that surrounds his celebrity, Simon manages to stay grounded amidst his close friends and family. Even more important, Dakota’s relationship with Simon is based on love, appreciation and, eventually, trust. This is significantly different to the basis of his relationship with Bonnie, the ex-girlfriend, who favours the spotlight that shines over him, rather than whatever good qualities he possesses.

Dakota’s secret, dark past provides an interesting storyline in this otherwise ordinary tale of love and fame. Readers will want to keep on reading to discover exactly who is after her and why, and to see how Dakota’s history affects her relationship with Simon, as their love progresses.

Some of the themes of violence and abuse that come from Dakota’s past may be unsettling for some readers, especially if they have experienced similar situations to the ones that she did. However, Dakota’s strength and ability to overcome these experiences is encouraging, and helps to ease the pain of what she went through- therefore recreating the storyline from being one of abuse to one of courage and resilience.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Genre: Romance

Recommended for: Anybody interested in a romance where the woman has to overcome obstacles from her past, in order to help her current relationship survive.

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Simon Says

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