Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book review: The stone prince by Gena Showalter

The Stone Prince - Gena Showalter

Tomboy Katie James suffers from First-Date Syndrome, meaning that she is unable to show an interest in a man past the first date, and always manages to find a fault in each one. With this problem seemingly plaguing her chances of ever finding the man of her dreams, Katie throws herself into buying and renovating old houses for a living.
After she purchases an old mansion that features a garden filled with erotically- positioned statues, Katie becomes intrigued with a statue of one man in particular, forming an attraction to it that even she recognises as bizarre.
One night, after repeatedly ignoring temptation, Katie finds herself kissing the statue, only for it to come to life, breaking the curse that had trapped an alien man known as Jorlan en Sarr within. With sexy warrior Jorlan now free from the statue’s confines, Katie learns that his jealous half-brother, a Druinn High Priest, had cursed him to a life of stone for centuries until a fair maiden’s kiss could set him free.
Now Jorlan only has two weeks to make Katie fall in love with him, and break his evil brother’s curse forever, or risk being trapped in marble for all eternity.

What I gained from reading this book:
This book is proof that people have different perceptions of what beauty is, and shows that attractions can come in many forms. Katie believes herself to be too tall and plain, yet Jorlan sees her for the beautiful woman that she is. Likewise, she is able to see beyond his good looks and discover the true, softer nature that he hides deep within his warrior exterior.

Showalter’s knack for weaving paranormal tales out of seemingly ordinary circumstances continues to astound me. Her novels all feature strong and determined women who are able to find love in the most extraordinary places, and despite the fact that her novels involve magic and enchantments, Showalter is able to make the stories seem almost believable.

This book has strong supernatural themes so if you don’t really appreciate romance novels with magical elements then this probably is not the best choice for you.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Paranormal Romance

Recommended for: Any Gena Showalter fan

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