Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book review: Spicing it up by Tanya Michaels

Spicing It Up - Tanya Michaels

Chef Miriam Scott loves her job at Spicy Seas, a restaurant she runs with her fiancé Trevor Baines. But when he dumps her, claiming she doesn’t live up to his aesthetic standards, Miriam decides to get her own back, and publishes a book of recipes guaranteed to spice up a relationship. Unfortunately for average-looking Miriam, she doesn’t evoke the sex-goddess look, and so her editor enlists the help of sexy Dylan Kincaid, whose job it is to make her look presentable, glamorous, and publicity-friendly. With Dylan’s assistance, Miriam is soon looking and feeling confident, and Dylan finds himself starting to fall in love with her. But does he love the real Miriam, or is he duping himself into loving the Miriam that he’s presenting to the world?

What I gained from reading this book:
Even though Miriam undergoes a makeover in order to gain publicity for her book, and this gives her a confidence boost, she still remains true to herself and I think this is an important aspect to the novel. While some people may get carried away with the hysteria of sudden fame, Miriam keeps her feet on the ground and doesn’t let her ego get too big. While she may be slightly overwhelmed by all the sudden interest in her life, she manages to ground herself with her passion for cooking, and her will to teach others the way of successful food preparation. Despite writing about love and lust, she is also inexperienced with it, which helps readers to relate to the sexually insecure woman and feel for her throughout the novel.

This novel is entertaining and the storyline is engrossing. Readers will really feel for Miriam as, with Dylan’s help, she transforms from an ugly duckling into an elegant swan, and gets back at her obnoxious and conniving ex-fiancé. It’s also an interesting read if you want to know about some of the vegetable kingdom’s natural aphrodisiacs, or how to whip up a tasty meal that will work wonders in the bedroom.

Although the story is written well, it’s a tad predictable towards the end.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Genre: Romance

Recommended for: Culinary fans who also enjoy a dash of romance

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