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Book Review: Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

Sweet Little Lies - Lauren Conrad

It’s three months into the filming of hit reality TV show L.A. Candy, and stars Jane Roberts and Scarlett Harp are facing more problems than they ever thought would be possible.
Jane’s reputation is on the line when a series of racy photos are leaked to a tabloid magazine and published. Taken of Jane with Braden (her boyfriend’s best friend) from her bedroom window, the pictures spell the end of what little privacy Jane has left since landing a role on the show- she is now the paparazzi’s ‘golden girl’, and under constant media surveillance. Hoping to benefit from the extra attention, one of Jane’s co-stars, Madison Parker- under the guise of being a caring friend- attempts to ‘shield’ Jane from the hordes of photographers (and in the process, from her best friend Scarlett). Unfortunately, Scarlett is unable to convince Jane of Madison’s true nature, and they find their friendship at a crossroads.
As Jane struggles to deal with the attention fame brings her, Scarlett is facing her own dilemma- she has fallen for someone who she is contractually forbidden to date, a member of the show’s crew. To keep the newly blossoming romance alive, Scarlett has to keep the relationship secret- not an easy feat when your life is playing out on television screens nation-wide.
With the first season about to wrap up, will Jane and Scarlett’s relationship recover? Or has Hollywood destroyed their fourteen-year friendship forever?

What I gained from reading this book:
In this novel, Jane’s trusting nature makes her an easy target for malicious Madison, who hopes to oust her out of the show and become the leading lady. Madison purposely gets closer to Jane, becoming a confidant and ‘watching her back’, while simultaneously passing on the information she learns to a tabloid magazine that isn’t afraid of twisting the truth to sell more issues. Madison isn’t terribly bothered by the fact that she’s tarnishing Jane’s reputation, and is willing to do almost anything to remove her as competition for the starring role in L.A. Candy. Seeing Madison’s true nature, Scarlett is unable to persuade her best friend Jane to see the truth, and this causes a massive rift in their friendship.
This is not an isolated problem among young women, some of whom form toxic friendships (although they are unaware of it at the time), and find themselves ditching their closest friends as their new friendships grow. This novel acts as a reminder that even though it’s okay to make new friends, it’s not good to ignore the ones you already have (especially if your new friends are intent on destroying your social standing). In other words, true friends can be hard to find, so keep close the ones that you have- they’re the people that will stand by you when you really need them.

The storyline for Conrad’s sequel is just as addictive as the original- Jane, Scarlett, Madison and Gaby attend numerous Hollywood parties, fall in love, meet new people (both good and bad), and continue to have their lives flashed across television screens and magazine covers. You can’t help but enjoy the dramas, despite knowing that the producers of L.A. Candy are orchestrating almost everything.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is filled with jealousy, bitching and backstabbing- in fact, it’s renowned for it! You’d think that after all of her experiences, Jane would be less naïve about Hollywood and the people that reside there, but unfortunately, her character is still just as trusting as ever. Even her best friend Scarlett- the person she trusts most- can’t make her see that some of the people they associate with are only trying to cause trouble. I realise its just part of her character makeup, but Jane’s gullibility can be extremely frustrating!

Rating: 7 out of 10

Genre: Teenage Fiction

Recommended for: People who read the first L.A. Candy novel and would like to find out what happens next.

Australians can buy the book by clicking the picture below:

Sweet Little Lies: An L.A. Candy Novel

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