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Book Review: Vittorio, The Vampire by Anne Rice

Vittorio, The Vampire - Anne Rice

Sixteen-year-old Vittorio di Raniari is part of a wealthy family who live in a Tuscan hilltop castle that is surrounded by warring fronts. Despite the conflicts that border the small village, the people are safe in the knowledge that their Lord, Vittorio’s father, has made strong alliances with Cosimo de Medici and his people in Florence.
But a more sinister threat than war approaches the village one day and it changes Vittorio’s life forever. Without warning, the homes on the outskirts of the village are empty, as people flee a dark force that looms in the forest and only appears in the dead of night. Vittorio’s family remain in the village, but find themselves victims of a bloody and bizarre massacre- one that leaves Vittorio orphaned, alone, and seeking revenge.
Vittorio’s path of vengeance leads him to the bloodthirsty and demonic creatures of the night, to a strange village that seems too perfect, and into the arms of young Ursula, a woman who played a part in his family’s deaths yet appears eternally ‘innocent’. This is the story of how Vittorio lost his innocence and became one of the creatures he despised.

What I gained from reading this book:
In this novel, Vittorio is faced with a nightmare situation, where he sees his brother and sister die in the most appalling way, and hears his family’s screams as they are slain. What’s worse, a young woman who he can’t help but feel attracted to is one of the perpetrators of the massacre, regardless of the fact that she does everything in her power to save him from a fate like that of his family. Thus, who can blame Vittorio for wanting to seek revenge for his loss? This novel is all about vengeance and its many forms, but it’s also a tale about courage, as Vittorio confronts his fears in the face of death and struggles to find justice in a world where humanity is fragile and demons are at the top of the food chain.

Readers already know that Vittorio is a vampire, just from reading the title of the book, but what they may not realise at first glance is that this curse was bestowed by those he hated and wanted to destroy. The author is able to turn this tale of vengeance into one of a different kind of torment for her principle character as he struggles to come to terms with his past and his infinite future.

Despite being written in the late 1990’s, the author uses an old style of language to best represent Vittorio and his views, and because of this technique, some people may not enjoy the story as thoroughly.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Genre: Horror

Recommended for: Fans of Anne Rice’s gothic horror stories

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Vittorio, the Vampire

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