Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Review: Queen Of Babble In The Big City by Meg Cabot

Queen Of Babble In The Big City - Meg Cabot

Connoisseur of vintage fashion, Lizzie Nichols, is chasing her dream job of becoming a Wedding Gown Restoration Expert in the expensive city of New York.
Living with her boyfriend Luke in his mother’s Fifth Avenue apartment, and with a real Renoir painting hanging over the bed, Lizzie’s dream is off to a good start- except that finding a job in her chosen field is a lot harder than it looks.
The only wedding dress-orientated job she can find is non-paying, and she puts in long hours to prove herself proficient, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade from old Monsieur Henri.
Luckily Chaz, her best friend’s boyfriend, is also able to land her a job in his father’s law firm as a receptionist, which helps to pay the bills.
But then everything starts to change.
Jill Higgins, who works with the seals at Central Park Zoo, and is about to marry the most eligible bachelor in New York society, finds herself in wedding strife.
With her future mother-in-law causing her problems, and an atrocious heirloom wedding dress to wear, Jill secretly enlists Lizzie to save the day and make her wedding into one that she can forever treasure, after a little prompting of course.
Now Lizzie has to try and transform one very ugly duckling of a dress into one that a princess would feel honoured to wear, as well as keep secret the biggest gossip scoop of the century.

What I gained from reading this book:
This book teaches that sometimes people view others in the way that they want to see them, whether the perception is accurate or not. Lizzie believes that Luke is the man for her and refuses to change her mind, even when faced with obvious clues that indicate otherwise. Similarly, she judges other characters on how she thinks they are, reality be damned! By reading this book, people can draw comparisons between Lizzie and themselves and try to stop perceiving people in ways that are not realistic.

This novel is extremely entertaining and fun to read. Lizzie’s babblings are humorous and I think they are genuine reflections of how some women really do think. This is especially the case when Lizzie’s thoughts become sidetracked at the sight of a cute dress that she sees on display at a shop. Sometimes when authors try this technique it can make readers frustrated with the character’s erratic thoughts, but luckily Cabot is able to make Lizzie into a likeable person who readers can relate to.

Lizzie’s adoration of her boyfriend, while understandable, can be a little trying at times. Yes, we know he is studying to be a doctor and save all the sick children, and yes he is gorgeous and French and a prince… Luckily for readers, Lizzie gets her mind on track before those particular babblings can get too annoying.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Genre: Romance/ Comedy

Recommended for: Fans of the original Queen Of Babble book.

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Queen of Babble in the Big City

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