Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Review: Marley And Me by John Grogan

Marley & Me - John Grogan

John and his wife Jenny are happily married, working as journalists at competing newspapers and considering starting a family in the not-too-distant future. But concerned that they might not be able to cope with looking after a child, they decide to get a puppy so that they can have a ‘practice run’.
After visiting a local breeder, they pick out a yellow Labrador pup and name him Marley, but they have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.
Marley is adorable and lively as a puppy and continues to be so, even after he is fully-grown and weighs over ninety pounds. His unbridled energy and unconditional love for everybody he meets, and his love for eating things that he shouldn’t, drives the Grogan’s insane but they can’t help but love him for who he is.
As the family begins to grow, the Grogan’s face many challenges, mostly to do with the mayhem that Marley causes, but they stay united as a loving family unit until the end.

What I gained from reading this book:
There are many pet owners in the world who believe that they have the best dog in the world. There are also many in the world who think that they have the worst. John Grogan found the best and the worst in his yellow Labrador Marley, and recounts his experiences with his lively and often misbehaving dog in this biography.
Together with his wife Jenny, John picked out Marley from a litter of nine puppies, and soon became the owner of an incredibly goofy yet loving Labrador.
This novel recounts some of the more memorable moments in Marley’s and John’s life, highlighting the companionship that so many people share with their dogs throughout their lifetimes together.

Grogan’s tribute to his beloved dog has touched people’s hearts all over the world, and his biography has been made even more popular with the release of the Hollywood film of the same title, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.
It’s wonderful that Grogan has been able to celebrate Marley’s life in such an honest and candid way.

People who have recently lost a beloved pet may find it difficult to read this book, especially if they can recognise aspects of their relationship in Grogan and Marley. On the other hand, this book may be a good way to help people come to terms with their grief, as they read about the love and hardships that others endure with their pets.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Genre: Biography

Recommended for: People who might have seen the film and are interested in reading the source.

Australians can buy the book by clicking the picture below:

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

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